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  • Ceramics sintering plates/saggers

    Since high-purity Alumina has excellent corrosion resistance and thermal shock resistance, it is used for sintering plates/saggers sintering and heat treatment. CAPA possesses standard molds in various sizes, we can therefore contribute to cost reduction.


    ● Sintering plate ● Sagger ● Crucible

  • High temperature strength Density
  • Life/culture/industrial machinery
  • Metering valves, stators, cylinders & pistons
  • Electronics industry

    Engineered ceramics have long been used in electronics. CAPA provides reliable components for Communications & Computer equipment with custom engineered solutions for a variety of computer, telecom, cellular and microwave devices. As a leader in precision ceramic sensor components, CAPA works closely with OEMs and their suppliers to create the best design, processes, and services needed for client success. CAPA also supports efficiency in microelectronics and enables new technological growth in lighting & display. Discover more about CAPA Electronics offerings.


    ● Substrates ● Pressure sensor components ● Film substates ● Polished substate ● Lighting & display components

  • Stiffness High temperature strength
  • The heater
  • Metering valves, stators, cylinders & pistons
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